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Antique Mantle Clock

Today we’re going to show you how to set up your Antique Mantle Clock we’re going to do the setup, the winding and set the time and adjust for timekeeping your antique clock.

Always remove the pendulum for transporting the clock to prevent damage to the pendulum this can get out of beat and make it to where it won’t run. Let me show you how to properly move one around.

You move it around very slowly. Let’s look at what the pendulum actually is. On an old Antique Mantle Clock like this this is your pendulum it’s a little weight and it causes the clock tick using the energy off the springs you want to wind the clock once a week with a smooth motion never let the key snap back in your hand and always release it gently every half turn when you’re winding a clock that has been running for a while you can expect what about approximately one full turn for every day that the clock ran I’m not really sure how long this Antique Mantle Clock ran up since its last winding but we’re going to show you how to do that what you’re winding up is this isn’t two main Springs the mainspring in a clock this is actually the spur uh a spring that came out of this clock that I replace when this spring is completely wound up it has that it goes down to about the size of a ping-pong ball it would be about that big around so there’s a lot of spring tension in these two Springs you don’t have to worry about it it’s not going to come flying apart on you unless there is something major wrong with your clock we’re going to show you the safe way to wind the clock here’s your key all right now we’ve got the key in place and we’re going to you whined the cloth sadly but forcefully turn the key and this is what I was talking about don’t let it snap back wine gently release why gently release and you keep doing that until you feel the spring will no longer term do this with both sides one spring is causing the clock to tick or keep time the other spring is for the striking mechanistic now we’re going to show you how to set the time on your clock when saying the time move the minute hand positing at the hour and a half hour for the clock to strike never move the hands counterclockwise past the six or the 12 what i mean by that is when you’re setting the time right now it’s about seven after kids so we move this you you heard it big ok at six here don’t move back now you can come here to seven or eight and you can move the clock back but don’t go past the six then come up to the our position let the clock to its striking make sure that it if it’s all nine is going to strike nine times ok after striking as six come to the pan yeah and then go ahead and set your time now how do you get the clock to start taking there’s two ways to do it if you don’t feel comfortable opening up the back starting the pendulum strike up tippy this is a method that a lot of people use simply pick up one corner of the clock about two two and a half inches and then bring it back down and that will start your Antique Mantle Clock ticking if you’re not comfortable doing that but you are comfortable opening up the back and getting in starting the pendulum by hand all you need to do is just reach inside give it a little push and then the clock will start taking this gotta clock will keep time with in 24 minutes a week you will need to do a final regulation once the clock is in permanent location you’re not going to get modern accurate Court’s time out of these clocks but they’re going to be a good time keeping pieces if if your clock is off it could be made to go faster or slower by means of the small square on the dial using small end of your winding key this is small and right here after your clock is running for a couple of days you want to do this adjustment if you notice it’s missing loot if it’s losing a minute today or gaining a minute a this is for somewhere in that area this is what you can do you put the smaller than the key into the small square on your clock and then at that time if it’s running fast or slow let’s say it’s running slow it’s running slow so you’re going to want to adjust the clock small adjustments if this was the hand if this key was a actually a hand of the clock you would turn it towards the  fast about five minutes let me let’s get a closer look .

Antique Mantle Clock

The small end of the King into the little square and turn it about oh five minutes work and then reset time check it after a day see if it’s keeping better time you make small little increments with this square whichever direction it shows fast or slow if you’re losing time make it go a little faster if you’re gaining time make it go a little slower if you let you talk run seven days after about the fifth or sixth day you’re going to notice that the clock is going to start running a little slower this is quite natural for these types of clocks if you don’t have the pendulum enclosed in the back like this mantel clock does but have a pendulum in front and if you don’t have the square you adjust the time on the clock on the same way on the pendulum using the pendulum nut let me show you this kitchen clock as a pendulum not and this is how you regulate the time on it you win these two saying you set them up the same you take as much care with these as you would with mantle clock but the front opens up here’s the kindle for this clock at the very bottom you have a pendulum nut turning it clockwise will raise the pendulum causing the Antique Mantle Clock go faster turning it counterclockwise will lower the Pendle own making it go slower same rule thought with this as as with your man this mantel clock here what about if it’s gaining or losing men today given a half turn then after that to sit in every day when you’re trying to regulate out your clock give it a quarter turn let me show you show you the best way just to set this spindle ok the pendulum is back in the clock take it with one hand gently supported and at the bottom this nut turns very easily and at the bottom give it about a half turn and then restart your clock just give your pencil I’m just a little bit of a tap until you start hearing a tick at that time give it about a day and a half see how much time you’re gaining or losing make your small adjustments after that I hope this has been helpful for you and enjoy your Antique Mantle Clock if you have any questions please give me a call or email me at pocket full of time at outlook.