The Clock Works has moved to our new Address at:

41 Brentwood Close, Clayton South 3169.

Since 1998 Leigh has owned and operated the clockworks.
Conserving clocks of the 17th century to the present day clocks, for clock lovers and collectors of every era.



Now to the important bits.

  1. what’s my clock worth?
  2. what type of clock is my clock?
  3. how old is my clock?
  4. where was it made?
  5. how do I work it ?
  6. how much / often should I wind my clock?


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Clocks Repair

Remember that your clock is not a union member, and so if wound regularly works continuously anything from thirty hours to three years depending on the type of mechanism. so you can understand that the oils and greases can become contaminated causing wear and tear on your clock. And so need some thing of a regular clean and occasional overhaul to keep them running accurately . Restorers at the Clockworks can also replace broken, worn or missing parts, as and where required, to get your clock back to it’s original best.

















Clock Sales

The Clockworks can supply a wide variety of antique and modern clocks, including, long case clocks, wall or mantle clocks – of most ages and makers, along with some not so antique, new ,or reconditioned battery clocks from 60s and 70s. Perhaps one for the kitchen, holiday house or the shed